WHAT I EAT IN A WEEK // Weekly food & workout vlog // Fashion Mumblr

WHAT I EAT IN A WEEK // Weekly food & workout vlog // Fashion Mumblr

WHAT I EAT IN A WEEK // Weekly food & workout vlog!

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Beauty Balls recipe – http://www.fashionmumblr.com/2018/01/delicious-beauty-balls-recipe.html

Thermomix – https://thermomix.vorwerk.com

Pearl jumper – H&M but sold out (similar: http://bit.ly/2QnuGym)
Cream knit – http://bit.ly/2T279zG
Roll neck – http://bit.ly/2Q5E1ur
Pink roll neck – http://bit.ly/2CBkQQX
Beige jumper – http://bit.ly/2wX6OFe
Teddy coat – http://bit.ly/2RYy5Ab


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Helen Tucker says:

Please do a vid with your and Charlie‘s mum!

Hamd Naama says:

Amazing 😉 food 🥘

Kiran Fayyaz says:


Debbie Vidal says:

Josie , I'm an older subscriber (62), but I think your style is timeless and translates to all ages. You're not "trendy" but adapt trends to your particular style.

Colin Butterfield says:

Love the vidio yes it would be nice to see your mum style of clothing as and the places she get them from I like to look trendy myself go to the gym 4 time a week 👗👠🏋🏾‍♀️

Emily J C F Diamond says:

What a delicious week of food! Do u have any tips for getting a hubby who is less healthy to enjoy more plant-based and generally healthy food? My hubby is generally healthy but he doesn't like meals with beans or lentils and I'm trying to encourage us to eat less meat for the environment. I have also uploaded my first YouTube video this week and I'd be so grateful for your comments/ advice/ support if you're able to have a look? Looking forward to seeing more videos soon – did u see the gorgeous Topshop satin skirt in the new ivory shade? Xxxx

Joanne Gorner says:

I’m sorry but that mixer is £1000? X

Melt M says:

I find no consistency in this video.

Jackie Edwards says:

Fabulous. As an older person I would love to see the styling of your mums. Love the 2 Ds by the way. Absolutely gorgeous hounds.

Bibi Wentholt says:

I really love your coinnecklace, where’s it from❤️

Dijana Harding says:

Oh, now I feel so hungry…

Nanda Rai says:

Hi …
I'm your new subscriber/fan….😎😍😋😉😏😏😏

Djoanna Marie Aguirre says:

I adore this vlog,I wish you will do more 🤗💋

oli says:

You have a wonderful style and I expect women of any age could get away with following you but I'd  like to hear any tips, tricks and ideas you and your mum have specifically for dressing the more mature lady, I think that'd be an interesting video.

Pucci Puu says:

Love seeing your doings doing there own thing. So cute.

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