Calisthenics for Weight Loss 4 Tips

Calisthenics for Weight Loss 4 Tips

Calisthenics and bodyweight training is very effective for burning fat and losing weight. Here are my top tips to maximize your weight loss results.

Smart Bodyweight Training:
Convict Conditioning:



popokatapetl says:

Great advice

popokatapetl says:

Day push, day pull, day squats and legs and repeat. Sunday rest. Best world scenario. Take for each trening 30 minutes top

TheDamianvain17 says:

Every now and then, I come across a video that "clicks" or gives that "a ha!" moment. This is definitely one of them! I know a couple of people that really deserves this advice and I haven't been able to articulate it as well as you have. I'm certain this will be the exact video that finally puts things into perspective for them. Thank you!

Alperen Özen says:

Hi Matt, what do you think about preliminary anterior neck bridges in convict conditioning 2 ? I actually can do anterior neck bridges without hands but I just wanted to ask you whether or not they are dangerous. (Btw i can say that it gives some visible gains like sternocleidomastoid gets bigger a little bit )

Mohsin 098 says:

Thanks this helped me a lot to make scheme for my friend
I know i may ask a lot and may be irritating but is 1h workout good or should i lower it for him
Thanks anyway

roseslasher says:

Let's make it final… Did you lift weights to get your upper body? Chest in particular.

Brian Pratt says:

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and I truly appreciate your advice.

Lucas Rufino says:

Hey Matt, could you do a video on how would be your approach on programming/exercise selection on different splits, especially full body, because on weightlifrint its usually squat 2x and desdlift 1x a week, but calisthenics can have some more frequency, so how can i structure a full body workout with more frequency and still not be 2 hours long, just a general guideline.
Love your videos man, keep up the amazing work

ARJ ABH says:

Good advice 👌👌

Justino Rosas says:

Best fitness channel.

Anival Benavidez says:

Well said Matt, I feel like people who want to lose body fat underestimate Bodyweight training compared to weights. Great clarifications. However I am trying to strengthen my scapular retraction on pullups. Do you think doing some scapular retraction on a pullup bar everyday would be a bright idea? Lately I've been doing them before my pull routines and I've noticed some progress, but do you think everyday will get my scaps used to it and therefore strengthen it even more? Thanks, sorry for the long context.

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