Best of Series: The best Food Items I’ve ever gotten at Wal-Mart

Best of Series: The best Food Items I’ve ever gotten at Wal-Mart

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-The Very BEST (Non Food) Things I’ve ever bought at Wal-Mart:

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deborah miller says:

I agree..just went to Walmart and I buy most great value items…my son could not believe how much I got for $97.28…I had over 20 bags of items. From ALOT of meat and chicken to every essential I needed to make freezer meals…Walmart to wonderful for someone on a VERY tight budget like me!!!

50 Shades of Mom says:

Danish butter cookie! 😮😮 Oh my! Need that in my life. Definitely trying the water and wedges. Love you

Kimberly Davidson says:

What a great video, Thank you. I’m going to add these ideas to my grocery list ☺️

oracle of delphi - says:

Funny that you posted this right as I was preparing to head out to Walmart and Sam's club for my weekly shopping. I just added a bunch of stuff to my list to try out. Thanks!!

rayne1120 says:

We love the GV broccoli florets decent sized frozen bag for like $.98!! Which is great since kiddo eats a TON of broccoli 🙂

Steph says:

Love this new series! So good girl!

Jen Chapin says:

I buy many of these things already but this video was super helpful! Thank you!

Erin Rich says:

I'm going to Walmart tomorrow morning. I'm definitely going to buy some of these things!

Lakisha E says:

I’ll have to check out the clear American water in the cans, I’ve only have gotten them in the bottles. I have the cherry limeade ones in The refrigerator right now. I think they are only good when they are really cold. I wish I could try the Coffee creamer’s, milk doesn’t like me at all. So I get the caramel almond milk creamer

Jessica Dailey says:

I love the potatoes and the creamer I like the Italian sweet cream so good..

Donna says:

Thanks LeeAnne. I’m definitely going to try some of these. 👍🏻😉

Crystal Horton says:

I found I like the great value turkey sticks better than the dukes brand.

Brenda Carlson says:

Yes to the potato wedges and mixed vegetables! Love your manicure!

SuzieQ499 says:

Does the taco seasoning mix have msg?

Ronhda McIntosh says:

Thank you so much. I rarely buy groceries at Walmart but I’m going to try these items for sure ! It’s very snowy here in Ohio this wkend. Has it reached you yet ?

Nana Papa says:

Great post, thank you and will share as well. Much love and happy (early) birthday. So glad you were born!

Nola Mom says:

I buy a lot of the same items especially the flatbread, brioche buns, fries, veggies, and taco seasoning.

Tracey St Jean says:

Ugh. Why can’t Walmart offer the same awesome coffee cream in Canada?

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