7 Healthy Food Swaps To Burn Belly Fat (SKIP THIS, EAT THAT: PART 1 OF 2)

7 Healthy Food Swaps To Burn Belly Fat (SKIP THIS, EAT THAT: PART 1 OF 2)

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a “Skip This, Eat That” series, where I’m sharing 7 healthy food swaps to burn belly fat.
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When unhealthy ingredients, like processed sugars, are listed as one of the top five ingredients on the ingredients label, it’s a dead away.

7 healthy food swaps to burn belly fat
#1. Skip this: granola bars
Although many people consider them a healthy snack, most processed granola bars are often loaded with belly busting sugar and vegetable oils.

Eat that: healthy protein bars
A high quality, healthy protein bar is often hard to find, so always read the ingredients label or make your own homemade protein bars.

Look for protein bars that are:
– at least 10 grams of protein
– low in sugar and hidden sugars like syrups
– sweetened naturally, for example with stevia
– comprised of all natural ingredients, not chemicals, artificial sweeteners, and vegetable oils
– contain a healthy protein powder like whey protein, egg protein, or plant protein, not soy protein.

Remember, if you can’t pronounce most of the ingredients, put it back.

#2. Skip this: California rolls
The combination of white rice and imitation crab meat makes the California roll a high carbohydrate meal.

Yes, imitation crab meat is primarily comprised of carbohydrates, not protein, and not healthy fat.

Eat that: salmon roll or sashimi
Load up on healthy omega 3 fatty acids and protein, by eating a salmon roll or sashimi.

If you really want to cut back on the carbohydrates, stick with sashimi.

#3. Skip this: pasta salad
Most pasta salads are loaded with refined white pasta and mayonnaise made with unhealthy and inflammatory processed fat.

Eat that: egg salad
This protein and fat combo will also keep you feeling fuller, longer, thus decreasing your calorie consumption and sugary junk food cravings throughout the day.

#4. Skip this: fat free salad dressing
Most of the time the fat normally found in salad dressings is replaced by sugar.

Eat that: homemade healthy salad dressing
When it comes to salad dressing, it’s so easy to make your own healthy salad dressing recipe.

However, if you must buy your salad dressings, always look at the ingredients to make sure they are primarily comprised of a healthy oil, like olive oil, and ensure the ingredients don’t contain added sugar and chemicals.

If the salad dressing contains soybean oil or canola oil, skip that.

#5. Skip this: white flour english muffins
Not only are they are low in protein, healthy fat, and fiber, they also contain belly busting refined flour that will cause havoc on your fat storing hormones.

Eat that: 100% whole grain sprouted english muffins
Sprouted english muffins are made with no flour and contain sprouted whole grains.

#6. Skip this: craisins
Plain and simple, craisins are just sugar coated dried cranberries in sunflower oil.

Eat that: raisins or other dried fruit
When it comes to dried fruit, the ingredients label should say one ingredient. The fruit.

#7. Skip this: fruit cocktail in heavy syrup
Since it’s stored in syrup, it’s loaded with sugar. Even though the fruit has antioxidant benefits, the loads of sugar far outweighs the benefits.

Eat that: fruit cocktail in 100% juice
Fruit cocktail in 100% juice contains less added sugar then when it’s stored in syrup.

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