7 Days Challenge | NO JUNK FOOD | Myhappinesz

7 Days Challenge | NO JUNK FOOD | Myhappinesz

I did 7 Days No junk food challenge because I have been eating unhealthy these days so I wanted to do this challenge to detoxify my body and eat only healthy.
Check out the video to see how it was, my experience and results.
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7 Days Challenge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AKpqTBXHdg&t=269s

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unknown user says:

Hey i hve same tiffin is it from miniso?

shining star star says:

Hii i Have seen u eating most of the time eating rice in bowl then a plate,is it something u do internationally for controlling ur portion or its just a normal thingi for u.loads of love n blessing

Azad Kp says:

Pls do challenges with lucky bhaiya 😘

shining star star says:

Wanna know have to ever tried that 10k step challenge

Vijay Lamba says:

Red lipstick 😊😍😇

Ruchi Agarwal says:

I love ur videos a lot maam plz say wht u have eatten through the day nd how to control hungry

Rupa Sharma says:

Yaar it’s so hard but will try doing it once

Deepika vlogs says:

i think 🤨 i also need to do this challnge 🙄 i have to control my junkies and thanks to motivate me 😋😋

fairy girl says:

hiiiiiiiiiiiiii diduuuu nice vlog hiiiiiiiiii evuuuuuuuu love u rinni diduuuu loveeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuu umahhhhhhhhhh good suggestions about junk food its not healthy for us avoid it byeeee umahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Chanda Rebari says:

Momo miya delhi haat waha pe jake bhi control itna what great will power you have dear ilu komi

fairy girl says:

ur hair look amazingggg didu and u alsoooooooo loveeeeee uuuu enaaaaaaaaaaa saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Simran sheikh says:

I'm just like u
Can nvr avoid junk food
I so love it

MyHappinesz says:

Hey guys! I didn't record one day because I went to colour my hair but I packed my food along with me.
The colouring process was hectic hence I couldn't record it <3

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