50+ Pound Weight Loss Transformation | My Journey & Tips

50+ Pound Weight Loss Transformation | My Journey & Tips

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Apologies in advance for the clickbait title, but that’s how youtube works right? My intention is that if it motivates more people to eat live more healthily and to take care of the planet then I’ll make it extra clickbait. Thanks for the support!



Anna Gross says:

This was even helpful info for me trying to GAIN weight in a healthy way! Thanks Adrian! 😊

starsareburning says:

you have an incredibly soothing voice💋

Memorabilia says:

This really makes me happy because I was recently diagnosed with IBS which means I’m forced to be vegan now, essentially, and this is very helpful

Tucker Farris says:

I think it’s so incredibly brave of you to openly discuss these things. I’m proud of you for all of your accomplishments and also for using them to help and inspire others. You have a really big heart, and it shows.

Sam Duda says:

I’m curious about the “don’t worry about protein” part.
I’ve been vegetarian for almost four years now, and everyone’s focus (including my doctors) has been on getting enough protein. is it just a myth?

Raq Rb says:

You forgot to link your instagram with your recipes 🙂

its12am says:

you get it boyyy 👏🏻👏🏻

Kelly says:

i love you so much. i’ve been like that before. where i started drinking and smoking because of my weight. losing and gaining. and now that you posted a video of this it’s so amazing i love you more, your so inspiring and motivating it’s great

Kenna Couch says:

please do cooking tutorials!!!!!!

Ryan Dragneel says:

This is the kind of shiz that inspires me, but the thing that sucks is that I'm a very picky eater 😅

A Human says:

Just a note for people: humans naturally evolved to be omnivores, so going vegan/vegetarian doesn't work for everyone. Just eat what your body agrees with and make sure you get exercise. That's what's worked for me.

Laura Perez says:

Ayyyy being vegan/vegetarian is cool I do it for the environment😎🤙

Braylee Lace says:

I really like this video and would enjoy more videos like this!! But i lovw what you already post as well!! Do what you like and I'll support you ♥️

Travis Howell says:

Well done, seriously!

saturnsofties says:

this is actually so inspirational im so proud of you, adrian <33

simply cece says:

This was very inspirational. Every time I try to eat healthier and exercise to lose weight, it ends with me crying into a bowl of chips because I have no self control. But I’m gonna try ur tips and hope for the best

luca says:

i can relate to this a lot, but like, in a weird way? i’ve had a vegetarian diet my whole life, but i still feel exhausted/in pain/etc. all the time despite being otherwise physically healthy (not mentally, though! lol). i decided a year ago to slowly transition into only eating whole foods (it’s hard to as i’m not independent yet, so my parents let me cook twice a week as a part of that) and i feel so much better now. i might go vegan eventually, too, and you’ve been my main motivator for that :,) so like thank you for posting these videos. i can’t wait for the cooking ones!!

CosmiicKitty says:

I've been considering going vegan for a while, any tips on like how to start? Also come back to Wales it's fun here ( > ◡ < )

lyn says:

thank you this helps a lot to motivate me to be better !! cant wait for your cooking vids 🙂

Dylan Olivia says:

i really wanna go vegan but every time i try i literally fail

Caitlyn • says:

Looking forward to your cooking videos! I love focusing on eating real food and can’t wait to see what recipes you will share 🙂

Ruth Borg says:

Congratulations! I would never have guessed that you struggled with your weight in the past. I have lost 64 pounds in the last nine months, and I am still going. A six-year vegetarian, I too have eliminated animal products from my diet and replaced them with whole plant foods. Everything from my skin to my energy levels to my mental health has improved. Physical exercise is something that I have come to love, maybe even crave? Thanks for sharing the great tips and being a relatable inspiration. Keep up the great work!

Ally Atiya says:

Today I told my mum i want to try going vegetarian and she laughed at me and said I'd never be able to do it

Victoria Lopez says:

i need that link to your food instagram! i need dinner inspiration when i run out of meals to make lol

Kasia Cosmetics says:

Adrian: Goes Vegan
Dan: Gets a supreme meat pizza from domino's
Adrian: Loves cheese
Phil: Despises it

Abigail Kinloch says:

Would you discourage this in young kids (early teens) who are active (20+ hours a week at least of vigorous exercise) .I tried to just eat healthier and I found myself constantly hungry and very energy deprived (I have low blood sugar and faint a lot)

Alice says:

I went vegan for about 5/6 months and it was great, I wish I could do it again but it got really hard to care about being healthy when my mental health started declining so now I’m back to square one but I have to tell you your story has seriously inspired me and made me realise I can start again and hopefully stick with it. 👍🏻

Adrian Howell says:

I just wanted to say briefly that is video is NOT just about weight loss. Obviously the clickbait title helps with views but what's most important is how you feel in your body, and what you can do to help the animals and the planet. The weight loss is a by-product of taking care of yourself and taking responsibility for your health so don't let that be the main focus!

SJ says:

Slightly annoyed this didn't show up in my subs however, I have to say how nice it is to see you looking so happy and healthy. ❤️

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