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Bill Saechao says:

All meat diet and zero carbs zero sugar.. works for me

Jan Selwa says:

Thank You dawg I am not vegan but trying to lose weight atm the hardest part is when you work out eat good food and the weight is not going down nor up- gotta stay in good mindset and results will come

haydens life says:

glad to see your back man ive been rotating your meal plans every few days gotta say since turning vegan things have been great

Derald B says:

So happy to see you back posting. You are my favorite Vegan YouTube. You were the first vegan YouTube I came across and your videos help me make the transition to being vegan. Thank you!

GLC Nornes says:

I'm in the process of making a list of all your pre-prep meals so that I can try to prepare myself not to fail this time

JL says:

Brilliant and simple

yogi2dab says:

Fuck mate you’re my favourite vegan YouTuber, please keep it up!!!!!

Ruben Reis says:

Glad your back! Hoping for more meal preps!

Colin says:

Your skin looks beautiful nohomo

Wolfie 1 says:

My weight-loss chart looks exactly like that and as you said the key thing is that overall it’s consistently going downwards. From 75 to 59kg, only a few more kg to go to my target, I’ve taken my time as I Had a very unhealthy relationship with my weight for a long time and it became very strict and very obsessive, hence going up to such a high weight for me in the end, but I literally had to scrap every bad habit and thought about food and my body and just eat what I wanted when I wanted and get to my worst place before I could really get better again. Although I wouldn’t recommend it the journey has now worked for me, it was hard work but all my old hang ups and unhealthy thinking around food and weight are now gone and I’m not obsessive anymore just much happier and have learnt to have a much more normal relationship with food. Also unrelated to that I’ve been vegan for 2.5 years and it’s been the best decision ever for my peace of mind (no animals are hurt in the making of my food)💚🌱🙌🏼

Monica Toca says:

Super excited for your videos! They are so helpful. Keep up the good work and thank you!*

Andrew Cook says:

Rob, do each of your meal prep meals equal one standard meal? So could have three per day?

Silent Stag says:

Thanks for the words of encouragement, bro!

inofen says:

Pale skin is so much more good looking

Slim Jim_1981 says:

Makes perfect sense!👊👍

Curious bud says:

I've missed you

Tubetart says:

Great post Rob, yes please, more vids on the psychology of weight loss. I have been vegan 5 years and still can't lose the 20lbs I want to. Cannot shift the bad habits of over eating, eating when bored (or not truly hungry) and the need to feel full 🙁

Heather Beal says:

Good points

Danny L-P says:

Honestly what i needed to hear today, thank you buddy!

Jacob McGinness says:

I would love to see more videos mate! I hope you are just too busy coaching clients to be making content

Body by Gravity says:

I missed your videos. I love this type of video where you talk to the camera. Happy you are posting more 🙂

idontrlycarethtmuch says:

Massive mass loss

Angel M says:

Damn you look so handsome 😍

Montoya Enterprises says:

My man dropping facts here.. that’s love fam

Vegan Physique says:

Learning to re-frame the way you view ‘failures’ during your fitness journey, and instead seeing them as natural corrections which are necessary (to allow for continued progress) will be a game-changer for you both mentally and physically. Don’t feel guilty. Understand why they occurred and look at how they benefit you in the long-term, not set you back in the short.

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