14 Strange Food Combinations You’ll Actually Love

14 Strange Food Combinations You’ll Actually Love

Believe it or not, there are some food pairings out there that may sound bizarre but, in reality, they taste amazing. Have you ever dunked your fries in honey? Or maybe pizza and chocolate chips are your favorite food? Some people even love eating pickles with ice cream! Yup, they say, the combo of the sweet vanilla and tangy pickle give off a more mild flavor!

All these things sound super weird, but I think you should try some of these for yourself! Who knows? Broccoli and Cheetos just might be your new favorite food!

Avocado and chocolate 0:46
Miso and butternut squash 1:24
Fruit and cheese 1:52
French fries and honey 2:39
Meat and pomegranates 3:08
Pizza with chocolate 3:31
Bourbon and pickle juice 3:57
Peanut butter, bacon, and banana 4:32
Broccoli and Cheetos 5:03
Oreos dipped in orange juice 5:32
Green apples with salsa 5:59
Goat milk and caramel 6:20
Oranges and olives 6:40
Pickles and ice cream 7:02

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– Since avocados have a soft smooth texture, they serve as a great base for puddings, baked goods, and even smoothies!
– Butternut squash has a sweet nutty flavor that really comes out when put alongside a little miso paste.
– One of these crazy combos is watermelon and feta cheese. While feta has a pretty strong salty taste, it really helps bring out the sweet delicious flavor of a juicy watermelon.
– The thickness of the honey makes for a fantastic dipping sauce, and the sweetness complements the salty fries beautifully.
– The sweet and sour flavor of pomegranates pairs excellently with meats like lamb or steak. You can add the fruit to a marinade or glaze.
– Have you ever melted cheese over broccoli? Well, putting Cheetos on broccoli has a similar taste, just a little more crunchy and artificial!
– The fresh zest from the orange juice compliments the Oreo cookie flavor surprisingly well, giving you a whole new twist on dessert!
– Crisp, tangy green apples add a nice flavor to a spicy salsa. After trying this, you’ll find yourself putting the mixture on tacos and even ceviche!
– Drizzling a bit of goat milk on caramel can take the sweet edge off of this decadent dessert. The tanginess of the goat milk adds quite a nice zing to the combo.
– Something about the citrusy flavors of the orange really go well with the pickled taste of olives. You can try pairing this combo with a savory chicken or poultry dish.

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Rasakumaran Muthukumaru says:

Ritz crackers with chese ham and some mayo is good

rjplaysroblox says:

I Love your videos 🙂

Joselynn Schmidt says:

in school sometimes I would dip my cheeseburgers with applesauce so yummy.

Yadira Juarez says:

Ever tried mangos with salsa valentina? Now thats delicious! ☺️Where my mexicans at😏🙌🏼🇲🇽

xd Ryan says:

I eat fries with ranch

Bailee Sandbakken says:

My favorite food combinations are jelly and cream cheese, potato chips and dark chocolate, peanut butter and banana, pickles and Mac and cheese, dill pickle chips inside of ham and cheese sandwiches, and not to mention caramel and pancakes.

Jay Hoffmann says:

Try bread with raspberry jam and mozzarella!

Minella Eriksen says:

Then I was little I was eating pancakes with butter and sugar 😁

Hoover Rodney says:

my fav food combonation is greasy bread with ketchup

Emmy Stephens says:

Everyone thinks that this is weird, I like pickles and mayonnaise. Do you think its weird??

Minnie marie Williams giesenhagen says:

I like to go to Wendy's and get a frosty chocolate and a fry a dip my French fries in my frosty it's so good perfect sweet and salty snack

Wendy Hardy says:

Yum yum🤢😩


Hey there, how about some ice-cream and pickles for breakfast?

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